What clients say about our work

“We selected John to lead a team of quality engineers in conducting a formal assessment of one of our core organizational processes. Throughout the engagement, John adapted to the changing environment while keeping his assessment team engaged and focused on their deliverables. His professionalism while navigating the strategically sensitive waters of our project and his ability to synthesize complex issues in spoken and written word enabled our operations team to seamlessly assume ownership of the corrective action plans put in place. He remains a valuable contributor to the team, providing insight and perspective months after our project has officially concluded.”
Ganesh Ramaswamy
Executive Director, Quality
The College Board

452 Consulting has supported a number of our service initiatives, from initially developing our overseas business and financial models to coordinating our service launches across 3 countries. We rely on their knowledge and experience to quickly assess and capitalize on market opportunities and frequently solicit John's perspective when establishing our strategic partnerships. Their consistent performance has made them an essential contributor to our senior management team.”
Raouf Khalil
Mobile Doctors 24/7, International LLC

“John has been supporting Harmonized Tariff Services for over a decade. His operational streamlining efforts enabled us to more than double existing-client sales over the past 5 years and weather the financial down-turn without incurring additional fixed costs. Most recently, the 452 team has been providing essential market analyses and financial modeling that we are incorporating into our 5-year strategic plan.”
Roger Crain
Harmonized Tariff Services, LLC

452 Consulting is vital to Hunt Smith Design’s efficient – indeed, continued – operation. The firm has provided amazingly responsive, hands-on help avoiding workflow catastrophes with computer systems and software, for example. Their quick grasp of the situation and problem-solving actions, along with practical guidance in operational efficiency, have repeatedly helped us both satisfy clients and add to the bottom line.”
Phoebe Smith
Hunt Smith Design

“I needed resolution quickly and turned to 452 Consulting. They responded immediately and delivered. Thank you, thank you.”
Lauren Bennett Cattaneo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Psychology
George Mason University